Introduction of company Metores Oy/Metores Ltd


Our operations consist of

We source various ores & concentrates and distribute them to the consuming works on several continents. We main items we source and trade in are :

  1. Copper ores : malachite, azurite, chalcopyrite, chrysocolla, native copper. Tenor from 6% Cu up.
  2. Copper concentrates : Cu 24-35%, S 20-30%, mesh size 100-400
  3. Lead ores : sulphide and oxide based. Sulphide based lead ores with tenor 30-65% and oxide based from 25% up.
  4. Zinc ores, zinc concentrates, zinc ash/dust : Zinc ores from 30% Zn and up. Zinc concentrates >40% Zn. 
  5. Zinc ashes, dusts and zinc based residues >30% Zn and EAF Dust 24% Zn
  6. Antimony ores/concentrates. Please ask for our opinion.
  7. Coltan, Niobium, Tantalum based materials.
  8. Precious metal ores / concentrates : Prefer with Au not less than 30grams/mt and Ag 1000 gram/mt.
  9. Iron ore magnetite and hematetite grades. 
  10. Other ores /concentrates / residues (please ask for our opinion)

If you have solid source or you are an agent to miner/source/supplier do not hesitate to ask for our opinion. 


We source from solid miners and processing facilities. We sell to consumers. In cooperation with almost hundred European, American, African and Asian sources we have maintained firm position of as a reliable supplier of mining products to the consumers world-wide.

The same concerns our sources for alloyed and special steel materials which we source mainly from the producers and stockiest in Europe, USA and Far-East.

The continued strong development within trade in EU and outside, require constant adjustment to existing norms and standards, and the knowledge of them.

We are available for your planning, secure availabilities, budget and purchase

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